Hello everyone, do you know what is going on in the world? Do you know what is causing cancer? The Earth is best at causing it, because we are using a lot of harmful gases & polluting the air. You all must have noticed that the weather is too hot these days, right?! Well we are causing it to happen.

All the harmful gases that we use, are breaking down the Ozon layer (the layer that keeps the sun from being scorching hot) which causes Global Warming and could kill us all. Now another problem is cancer, which is spreading like fire in the world! My friend got it recently, it tortured him like an arrow being stabbed on a bruise! Do you want you family to die?!

We all love our children, but they are all taking in this harmful gas everyday! It is like their un-liked friend, who’s father is your father’s friend and you are forced to bond with him and always play with him when his father comes over for dinner. In this situation, the car is the father and the gas is the un-liked friend. Sometimes parents love their cars so much, that they forget about the harmful gas that they are taking in everyday, and which is harming them terribly! So now think about it, do you want your innocent family members to suffer, get tortured & then die by this deadly sickness?! Well, even if not by this, they are going to die by global warming! But if you want to save them, use lesser vehicles. Instead of having one car per-person, use a big van, that can accommodate the whole family. By this, you will save money, life and space. Now for the people who don’t have cars, why not use public transport buses instead of using taxi’s. Why waste money, life and space. If we will use all these statistics, we will have a safer, more live and wealthy Universe.

Today we are so lazy, that we are putting motors even in cycles. Why not be healthy and use the cycle for its real purpose, health and fitness! So come, let’s save our selves & the world from pollution, global warming and cancer! Let’s have a Global Warming free & a cancer free world!

By: Mustafa Huzaifa Nakhoda

I like blogging, arabic calligraphy, photography & other creative & artistic things.