The ZOMBIE next door! (Chapter 2) The repeated sight

“When I reached home, I saw my mother ready with the dinner table.” said Jason. “I tried to excuse my-self from it, but my mother was resolute to nourish me! I ate & ate for half-hour, till I had to tell my mother to spare me! Then, as planned, I went to spy on that crooked man the morning. When I came out of my house, he was standing right there! In front of me, looking at me with his red and horrifying eyes! I asked him with a petrified voice, “Can I help you sir?” he answered me in his twisted voice, “Hey boy, it’s better if you stay out of my way, or we’ll have an issue!” I was terrified by what he said to me, I was just thinking about that, day and night. Then one day, I was zooming home, as he came in front of me, I braked so hard that my brakes blew out!

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